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What We Offer

What we do:

  • Radio Plugging

  • Submissions to reviewers

  • Arrange interviews

  • Help to run social networking pages

  • Apply to play festivals

  • Record label shopping 


JD Music Promotion works with unsigned guitar artists, predominantly rock, with airplay on community radio stations, FM stations and internet based, in the UK and further afield (U.S., Australia, etc), as well as reviews/features/interviews on webzines and in magazines.


Jayne has achieved airplay on national radio stations BBC Radio Wales and Nation Radio (but the band/musician has to be based in Wales) and also have regular airplay on DAB radio station Amazing Radio.  One of JD's artists has also been played on national UK television.


Extremely reasonably priced for bands who cannot afford to pay a few hundred pounds for promotion.


Firstly you will need to submit your track for approval.  If you are accepted then you can send both digital formats (if your mp3 is the wrong bitrate for a particular station, the track will be re-sized to suit) and (if you have them) CDs, as some radio stations/magazines will only accept CDs, a bio, band photograph and respective CD artwork.  Jayne will then submit your music to genre relevant stations out of her extensive database of regional, local & internet radio stations with the hope of achieving airplay.  They will also be submitted to JD Music's U.S. partners in L.A. and Texas.  


Your track will also be submitted for review to a number of magazines and webzines and will be added to Jayne's Paradiddles, Plectrums & Posers website on a page specifically showcasing the tracks being promoted by JD Music Promotion.


Jayne also arranges interviews/acoustic sessions for bands at local radio stations, and Skype interviews with studios further afield.


Sometimes lack of time due to full time work / family life, leaves little time for the important social networking side of things, and so if desired Jayne will also help with the running of social networking pages by being an 'Editor', for example, on your Facebook page.


JD Music is partnered with a US music promotion company in Texas thus meaning our artists will be featured on their website and, if chosen for airplay (nobody has yet failed to be chosen!), will be played on heavy rotation on the genre appropriate radio stations owned by them.