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Primary Track:

'Keep Fighting'

Llanelli, Wales, UK.


"Get into V0iD, cos I have said it before and I will say it again ... V0iD are one of the most Talented Bands we have in the UK"


Malcolm Dome

Classic Rock Magazine, Total Rock FM,  Kerrang! Magazine.

Second track:

'Little Things'


"It's an ace track"

Jackson Cooper,

Riviera FM.

"Cracking track"

Paul Bedford,

Replay Radio

"Another good one! Thanks for sharing this great music"


Monie's Indie Music Promotions/Variety Online Radio

"What a fantastic band V0iD are"


Way Out Radio.

"This all builds to chorus that, as we speak, is requiring a lot of restraint on my part not to belt out on a packed commuter train. It's anthemic and like every great anthem, it grows and resonates more with every listen.


"Keep Fighting" is lyrically stirring, melodically rousing and spirit emboldening. A feel good-anthem without the expected clichés. V0iD are braver and smarter than that and it's both a band and track that deserves your attention yesterday."


Full review on Reverb Room here:

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V0iD were played on over 100 stations, both fm and internet radio, worldwide plus featured on ReverbRoom and Richer Unsigned.