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Twitter feedback for Starling Rads March 2017 The Starling Radicals 2017 Twitter feedback on VIP

The Starling Radicals

March 2016



'Another Shade of Gloom'



Cardiff,  Wales, UK.

"I'm loving this track"

Anne Lambert

EGH Radio

"Damn, what a band! ... These guys have got stardom written all over them! "

The Count

Way Out Radio

Reverb Room

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"The track is great. It's a fun, up-beat blitz that is mocking in it's arrogant energy, joyous in it's catchyness and taunting in that it finishes quickly enough to leave you wanting to crack it straight on again.


It's the first I've heard of The Starling Radicals but, like much of the sounds that are sent through to us here, they're a shining example of the upside of young, British Rock and we at ReverbRoom can't wait to hear more where this came from."

“Fantastic band … they’re a 3 piece band from South Wales and boy are they good”  

Will Millen

The Unsigned Show

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November 2016





"A shining example of the upside of young, British Rock"

Phil Adele

Reverb Room

"I've just had a listen and I absolutely love it"

Aaron, Ground Rock Radio

"George's voice is epic"

Ryan Cotter

The Ryan Rocks Show

Michael Kennedy - Welsh Connections and Oystermouth Radio


Single review.

Artist : The Starling Radicals

Title : VIP (2017)


"The Starling Radicals have long been making a name for themselves in and around South Wales over the last four years or so. 'VIP' follows on from their critically acclaimed 'Another Shade Of Gloom'.


Since the release of their debut album, 'Saintland', in 2014 this indie-rock trio have been touring the length and breadth of the UK honing their craft and holding audiences in the palm of their hands. Made up of drummer Joe Steele, Gareth Bain on bass and George Toulouse picking up guitar and vocal duties, this band are poised to hit the big time anytime soon! Get out to see them while they're still local and remember you heard it here first!


Thanks to our pal Jayne Kemish at JD Music Promotion for sending these guys our way."


February 2017




"The hottest band in Wales right now and this track is one of the reasons why! It's a 100mph rock'n'roll train ride to paradise!"

Michael Kennedy

Welsh Connections / Oystermouth Radio

"This is excellent. This is the kind of music that the rock awards should celebrate"

Ryan Cotter


Twitter feedback after Guy's show March 3rd 2017

"Sidelined" maintains all of the grit and edge that "Another Shade of Gloom" had, but is rougher, more adventurous and shows a band clearly oozing confidence and ideas. It's like the meaner, bigger Brother and it's not to be messed with.


If Stereophonics had a hidden track on Performance and Cocktails, I'd hope it would be something like this. Rough, raw and edgy with a defining energy and bite that seems to be a mainstay of all of The Starling Radicals' material.


Full review of 'Sidelined' here:

Twitter feedback:

'Another Shade of Gloom' was played on BBC Radio Wales and approximately 40 other stations both FM radio and internet based.

'V.I.P.' was played on around 61 stations worldwide, both FM radio and internet based.