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James Kennedy, musician

Kyshera/Owner of Konic Records, UK.


"Jayne is committed, loyal, hard working, approachable, honest, easy to work with & her motivation for what she does comes from a genuine passion for music."

Leon Jones, musician

Casino Thieves, UK.


"Jayne's honest and her passion for music is easy to notice which is a big thing for bands/acts these days. You know her interest in you and the help she gives is genuine."



Terence Warville, musician

Slam Cartel, UK.


"Working with Jayne is easy, I sleep well every night knowing that someone true, good and honest is on our side and has our best interest at heart, I choose where my money goes when it comes to paying for Promotion, I'm putting it right where I know it's safe. Promotion is a necessity, so is trust... and that's why I sleep easy, great work ethic and a true music fan before anything else."

Sonya Webb,

Ryan Webb's Manager, UK.


Although we've been working with Jayne for just a month now, the efforts that she has made to get Ryan Webb airplay has been phenomenal. She is incredibly easy to get on with and really cares about her clients. In a world where there are so many people waiting to rip you off, Jayne is a breath of fresh air. Nothing can be guaranteed in this business, and unlike others, Jayne makes no promises other than to do her very best. To be honest, she really has done more than that. We are forever grateful for this great start, and look forward to a very long relationship between Ryan Webb & JD Promotions.

Chris Neale, vocalist

Calling Apollo, UK.


"Jayne is one of those individuals that genuinely puts the music first. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are or how marketable you are... the music comes first. It has been a pleasure to work with Jayne over the last year or two. Its always good to know that as a band we have that support in our corner. We couldn't recommend a better individual to help you make that step towards national coverage of your music. Jayne and JD are a rarity in the music industry so be sure to check out the website and drop her an email."

Color Out, vocalist/musician, US.


Working with Jayne and JD Music Promotion has been one of the best decisions I have made for my music career. Within the first week, Color Out received airplay on multiple stations and I received incredible feedback from other artists and DJs. Jayne provides a great service for a very fair price and the best part is she truly cares about the artists she works with. Teaming up with Jayne has given me the opportunity to reach a much bigger audience and I would highly recommend her services to any other band/musician looking for further exposure.

Greg Jones, vocalist

Killing For Company, UK.


"Hard work and a passion for music is needed more than ever to cut through the digital noise of the current music scene and JD Music have this passion by the bucket load! No gimmicks, no hidden costs JD Music deliver as promised. The extra member of the band you always knew you needed, you can now have! Get Involved!"

Rossy & The Count

Way Out Radio


"Being a radio station that only plays new music, new music is our lifes blood! ... And in the five or so months that we have been working with both Jayne & Darran, of J.D. Music Promotion, they have never failed to deliver! ... Supplying us with some great sounding & well produced music from, in my view, some of tomorrows top acts! ... Always kind & courteous, J.D. music Promotion is THE place to get your radio stations new music!"

Jonathan Newsome

Subsonic Media Group, High Road Publicity and manager of POYNTE, US.


"We were searching for someone that we could trust in the UK. Being a continent away, made things difficult at first. We found Jayne and JD Music and decided to take a chance. We were and still are blown away by her professionalism and relentless pursuit. Those are values that we seek in our camp and we're pleased to now call Jayne, not only a colleague, but a friend as well."

Sarang Menon

Guitarist, Black Letters, India.


"The best thing about Jayne that immediately hits you is her honesty.  And an absolute love for what she does. Despite us being in India and all the way across the world, she has always kept in touch and made sure the news of every single radio play reaches us ahead of time. Jayne sure is a breath of fresh air in this industry and a joy to work with. All the best to JD from everyone here at Black letters camp."


Adam Hilligardt,

Guitarist/Keyboardist, Neil and Adam, U.S.


"There's nothing quite like hearing your song on the radio--as an artist, radio play is not only a dream, but it's extremely important to your career. Jayne has been amazing & we love working with her & JD Music Promotion. She works very hard promoting our music to presenters & we greatly appreciate her. Jayne is great at keeping us updated on when we are played, providing us with links & dates, times, etc. Jayne has gotten us radio play all over the UK & even here in the states. JD Music Promotion has a ton of talented bands & artists & we are proud to be a part of the JD family."


Damian Harris

Drummer, World Vs. World, UK.


"We've been watching Jayne over the last 4 or 5 years and the work she's done with Paradiddles, Plectrums & Posers, and what impressed us the most wasn't necessarily her reach, but her selfless dedication to the bands on her roster and her personal touch to every single piece of promotion she did for every single band. There was never any "cut & paste" with anything. And to us, that sort of attention and passion really stood out. And when we heard about her additional commitment with establishing JD Music Promo with Darran, we were over the moon for her.


So when we were due to release The Beat of The Alpha earlier this year, we knew absolutely who we wanted to work with to get exposure for the single! There was no-one else in the running! As well as providing such a personal service, it is done with an unassuming air of confidence, and this has contributed to the reputation and results achieved by JD Music Promo in their short existence, and the exposure they've acquired for us across the world and on social networks! We would recommend them to any independent rock band who take themselves seriously and want to get heard places they cannot achieve through their own contacts or experience! We love JD Music Promo!"

The Almighty Man Band, UK.


"In an environment / industry where it is easy to feel small and unrepresented, Jayne's enthusiasm, commitment, advice, drive and skill has left me amazed and humbled. A fantastic person to work with and the help and support provided has not only revived the desire to continue but also brought me new insight into the continuing journey of The Almighty Man Band."

Static Fires, UK.


"When we first decided to start working with Jayne we really weren’t sure what to expect. We thought, maybe, we’d get heard by a few more people, maybe a radio station or two, something along those lines. Well, a live radio interview and session, our first review of our debut EP, and over a hundred different radio plays later, it’s fair to say JD Music Promotion has gone above and beyond our expectation. What amazed us the most is how they were able to promote us not just in the UK, but abroad also! The best part is just how friendly the whole process is! We were occasionally asked to give details or extra information for things, but it always felt like a friend was trying to do you a favour! We have loved our time working with them and we will definitely be coming back for more!"

Wayne Doyle,

Vocalist/Guitarist, V0iD, U.K.


“Jayne and JD Music Promotions have been a Godsend...As a band, we had just recorded and released our 3rd album. We'd had a full Radio and PR campaign finish and our budget had dried up. When we spoke to Jayne, she was keen to take on the mantle and push for more airplay for the band, which she did with aplomb. Jayne garnered airplay from all the over the world for us and we couldn't be happier with the job she did for us.”

Beyond The Break, UK.


“Being in a band is about a group of people being creative and committing to that creativity and each other. Outside of that band unit, it's a different world altogether. Jayne from the start has been committed to supporting us and working to get our music heard. To date we have received airplay on over 100 stations and are receiving great feedback due to these listenings.  Honesty and integrity aren't words normally associated with the music industry but they are words you can associate with Jayne.”

The Starling Radicals, UK.


“Jayne at JD Music is our mascot. A diligent and tenacious vanguard for our name and brand, amongst a swarming din of needles in needlestacks. Always personable; ever amiable; patient, cool and connected; we have known her almost as long as we have been a band, and the service she and JD have provided has been exemplary – not to mention the wealth of helpful advice and friendly contact we have received, on top of the regular airtime and glowing reviews attributable to JD’s reliable influence. If ever The Starling Radicals had a mother figure, it’s her.”

Outbound Music, Texas


“We appreciate the steady flow of new, fresh, top-quality music coming from J D Music Promotion. It's a pleasure working with you.”

Welsh Connections / Oystermouth Radio


"These guys really know their music!"

Michael Bush, UK


“In the year that I have worked with Jayne, I've had seemingly thousands of radio plays, ranging from small podcasts, to my local BBC station.

She also gives me feedback on new material, so she's usually one of the first people I send a song to once out of the studio.

I can't thank her enough for all her help, and hard work, I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the help.”