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Special Projects

Guitars Over Guns is a Florida non-profit organization made up of dedicated professional musicians and artists in the Miami area. In an effort to reduce dropout rates and empower program participants, these musicians and artists devote their time on a weekly basis to mentoring at-risk youth from their local communities.


I want to promote music itself and its benefits, be that health wise or in an empowering way, and to that end I want to do more community based work and I have exciting plans for doing that locally in the new year.  


In the meantime, when I read about the Guitars Over Guns Organization (GoGo), I thought it would be a good opportunity to get involved with something amazing.


So I got in touch with Chad, the founder of GoGo, and asked about doing something fun together.  I thought it may be nice if the students had a track played on some stations over here and I hope it’ll be a surprise which they’ll be excited by.


The track is a hip hop track, written and performed by 4 of the students and engineered by Infamous, a Grammy winner, and well known for his work with Lil’ Wayne.   He has also produced songs for other prominent recording artists such as  Jay-Z, Nelly, Game and Travis McCoy, among others, and did the string arrangement on one of the tracks on LL Cool J’s 2008 album ‘Exit 13’.

Track info:


'I Am Miami'

Produced by Neuton Richardson and Chad Bernstein


Written by Santamarie Arocho, Gari Flo (Garibaldi Joseph), Classic Millz (Amelio Joseph), Lyrical Grenade (Sierra Shaw)


Engineered and mixed by Infamous.

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