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Nuclear Lullaby

April 2017





Cardiff, Wales, UK.

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Nuclear Lullaby are an addictive mixture of melodies, grunge and psychedelia with catchy riffs and seductive vocals.

Excerpts from's review


(Zeus) “The track exudes an arrogance that is both refreshing and engaging”


"Upgrade" is a different animal completely. It lulls the listener in with a hypnotic clean guitar and a teasing, playful rhythm in the kit."



"In Zeus and Upgrade we have two examples of a band using older influences to try and create something new and in both examples they succeed."


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Single review.

Artist : Nuclear Lullaby

Title : Upgrade / Zeus.


"Another great Welsh band brought to our attention by JD Music Promotions - these guys really know their music!


South Wales band, Nuclear Lullaby got together in 2014 and released their first album earlier this year. 'Keppoch 59' has suffered the musician's curse of no promotion but things are likely to change now that JD are on board.


There's a Nirvana feel to 'Upgrade' complete with Kurt Cobain style vocals - at once vulnerable yet with a touch of gritty danger, while 'Zeus' has a more retro feel to it (think Iron Butterfly crossed with The Doors).


The guys are currently making a name for themselves on the live circuit at festivals and local gigs but I think we will be hearing a lot more from Brad Hunter, Charlie Sale, Leo Polisena & Conor Wilkinson in the coming months!"

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"From start to finish this album showcases a band with some serious musical talent. Brad’s vocals add so much with an impressive range that packs a punch but can also deliver a softer display when required.


This is an album that showcases a band that has so much to offer and will not disappoint.


I can’t wait to listen to the new album once it’s ready and I’m confident it will be more impressive than their debut."


Full article can be found via the link below.

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