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Soundscape Mag - CT


Black Velvet rock magazine has been extremely supportive of Jayne and the PP&P bands she has worked more closely with.


James' Article in BV CT in BV issue 82 Black Velvet cover

Soundscape Magazine featuring Casino Thieves (left) and a namecheck for PP&P in Powerplay magazine (below).

Media collage

A selection of press releases, magazine articles and 'thank yous' from bands re. the Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers website.

Darran's BVCV

Below: Darran's (the former 'D' of JD Music) Black Velvet feature in issue no. 88 (April 2016) and, right, Jayne's feature regarding the Paradiddles Plectrums and Posers website in issue no. 74.


You can read the magazine online here:

Black Velvet Magazine Black Velvet Powerplay mag review 1

Jayne's press release from the Killing For Company charity release campaign, as featured in one of the local area papers, Cynon Valley Leader, on May 12th, 2016 (right).


It was also featured in the Western Mail, South Wales Echo, South Wales Evening Post, Walesonline and various news sites as well as music websites such as Music Webb and Uber Rock.

newspaper-icon-36 newspaper-icon-36 img120 cropped My photo My photo in Stuart's autobiography Cynon Valley Leader May 12th 2016

Left: A photograph taken of Stuart Cable by Jayne,

and below, as it appeared in his book 'Demons

and Cocktails: My Life With Stereophonics'.