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Michael Bush


'My My'

Rhondda / Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Michael Bush

"Really like this guy's music."


Variety Indie Music

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Parts of Reverb Room's review:


"Michael Bush comes to us from Cardiff, South Wales and he's my favorite kind of artist.


Michael's ethos is that he wants to write, perform and create and he considers it a bonus if people actually listen and like what he creates. He's creating for himself as a form of true expression and as an extension of himself. It's exactly this mentality and the complete lack of ego or pretension that makes his music so accessible and relateable.


"My My" is a gentle and easy-going yet engaging track.


Vocally, Michael Bush has that storyteller's voice that draws people into the work of the best Singer-Songwriters. It's has a crisp yet subtle gritty quality that adds gravitas to the expressive lyrics of "My My".



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Michael Kennedy - Welsh Connections and Oystermouth Radio.


Single review.

Artists : Michael Bush

Titles : My My / Daydreams (2016)


"The first thing you should ask yourself, if you've never heard of Michael Bush, is 'Why have I never heard of Michael Bush ?' This guy is amazing! Probably the Valley's best kept secret but as with any secret someone has been dying to tell.........Jayne Kemish you're in trouble (or maybe not).


Imagine a new John Lennon - Michael has that nasal delivery which gives his music a feeling reminiscent of the ex-Beatle, but it's also easy to see the influence of Oasis and the Brit-Pop bands which he grew up with in the 90's. These tracks were released last year but we were so blown away with them that we thought we just had to share! Check this guy out right now."

July 2017



'Is This The Reason'            'Dance Into The Light'

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