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JD Music Founder

Whilst there is information about Jayne, JD Music’s founder, on the ‘About’ page and the promotion she has done in the past 5½ years since starting 'Paradiddles Plectrums and Posers' in 2011, you may wonder what her inspiration is for helping new bands.  If so, read on:


“Well music first came into my life when I was 6 years old, when I learned to read and write music and learned to play the piano.  I sat both theory and practical music exams and went as far as Grade 5 in piano (Grade 8 being the highest) which was part of my Music ‘O’ Level exam (which I passed by the way - both my Grade 5 and my 'O' Level).   I wasn’t a ‘natural’ musician however and I wasn’t dedicated enough to practicing, plus I have always been more of a wordsmith, and so writing lyrics interested me more. I then used my piano playing to put music to my Stevie Nicks influenced lyrics. I lacked confidence however to do anything with my lyrics/basic songs (despite a local band being interested in them), although now when I look through my lyric book I think they are pretty good!


I was then engaged for several years to a musician and travelled with him to gigs where the audience would consist of about 12 people, and 4 of those were the fiancées of the band! I went with his (first) band when they recorded their first demo;  I gave advice on their stage routine (one particular story I will have to impart at some point as there is a lesson in it for today’s young bands … plus it’s quite amusing);   I acted as go-between with the band and a local music management team/gig promoters who were interested in them;  I acted as roadie;  I went with him in literally freezing cold weather on winter nights to put gig posters up, with my hand nearly frozen to the pot of glue (we only put posters on boarded up buildings!); I was the keeper of fan mail (his second band had fan mail from all over the UK and even as far as New Jersey where they had been played on one of the radio stations over there); I wrote and then typed up his music C.V. and took promo photos for him to send with his audition tapes (yes those were the days of cassette tapes); I was the person he played his audition tapes to, whose opinion he valued; I was his ‘go-to girl’, his number one supporter and encourager of dreams.


He then re-joined one of his former bandmates, from the first band he ever played with (i.e., the band he was with when I met him), and they went on to become one of the biggest rock bands in the U.K.


So I understand the drive of a band.  I understand their hunger to play music and have it heard.  I understand the dedication it takes (getting home from a gig at 2.30am, then getting up at 7am to go to a dayjob).  I understand the dream … and whilst I know that luck plays a huge part, more so sometimes than talent, I also know that dreams can come true.”