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"Wow the kind of rock that shaped a lot of bands today ... both fast paced and melodic each song has a story which pulls you in, almost hypnotic in nature. Vocally superb, lyrically supersonic and the music is just kick ass awesome. If you didn't have these guys in your collection it would be like a library missing a book.”


"I love this, he is amazing!"

EGH Radio


"That's a great track"

Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio.


"Loved it!"

Martyn Grenfell, Uckfield FM.


"This guy is gooooooooood! .... What a musician! ... What a writer! ... What a voice!"

Way Out Radio


"Absolutely fantastic track"

Will Millen,

Shout Radio


"An excellent track"

Kevin J Mann

The Spread Radio Show

Color Out was played on at least 41 stations.


Apart from the main track 'Kay', we have also achieved airplay for 'Mercurial' and 'Anything But Everything' on several stations with all 3 tracks being played by Aaron Phillips' Rock Show on Amazing Radio.

Mercurial Anything But Everything

Chicago, US.

May 2016


Falling Star


October/November 2015

Color Out - Falling Star artwork Facebook square blue large Twitter blue large

An excerpt from a review of 'Falling Star' on


"It's quite the journey and it oozes the raw emotion that a lot of artists lack or force. Storytelling is a key element of any track like this and between the contrast in intensity and the vocal delivery throughout, it's certainly something that's comfortably in Color Out's skill-set.


It's really well put together, excellently executed and a testament to the songwriting abilities of David Hedrick. This is a track that traverses a decade of influences and sounds yet still does something original. That's not to say that this is simply an ode to 2000's Rock. Actually, it's a fresh and relevant sound exhibited on "Falling Star" and just another indication that Color Out is only getting better with time."



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