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2014 Track of the Year Calling Apollo

Calling Apollo


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“Fantastic fast paced prog rock band. Very unique indeed with a superb ability to change tempo but yet keep that melodic prog style with hints of modern metal mixed in there is no stopping their talent shining through ... the music is just pure awesomeness.”


"I'm really impressed"

Fatman Rocks

My Rock Radio


"We love it"

The Twisted Mixtape

Rock Sport Radio


"I thought that was ace … really really good”

Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales





'Monsters'  and 'Clone City'


Our primary track to promote was 'Monsters' (which was played on at least 41 stations including BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio).


We also got airplay for 'Clone City' with a month's rotation on Croydon Radio and heavy rotation (which is ongoing) on Pulse Radio in the US (which belongs to one of our US partners).  


Jayne had been championing Calling Apollo for a couple of years via her music showcase website and had already had the track played on Amazing Radio via the Paradiddles, Plectrums and Posers website in 2014, also choosing it as her 'Track of the Year 2014' on the PP&P website.

Calling Apollo - Copy Croydon Radio Clone City

Cardiff, Wales, UK.

C.A. playlisted C.A. on Pulse Radio